Making History Come to Life Online

with Interactive Maps, Quizzes and Lessons


About Geo History Map


Thousands of historical events to explore

Fully searchable database using keywords, tags and filters;

Thousands of videos, images, links to web references, animations and descriptive texts in one interactive map and timeline;

Historical content verified by professionals;

Built-in autocorrecting quizzes and lessons

No more paperwork, no more grading;

Access to students results in real time;

Quickly pinpoint difficulties and identify which students need extra help;

Save on preparation time;

Lessons mapped to provincial outcomes;



Teachers and students can create

Customized lessons and quizzes;

Interactive MAPS using pins, animations, lines, polygons, videos, images, graphs and web links—over 20 different functionalities to choose from!

Geo History Map engages and challenges students!

A modern tool to teach Social Sciences

Reduces the use of static textbooks and workbooks;

Maximizes the use of smart boards and tablets;

Helps monitor the success of the class ; 

The digital learning experience engages the students and keeps their attention; 

Environmentally friendly!  



Helps students understand and retain more

It actively demonstrates relationships between events, time and geographical locations;

It is a cross curriculum resource;

It is available at all times, everywhere;

It is engaging, intuitive and fun!