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MPO Educational Enterprises seeks to bring history to life by producing interactive, educational material using innovative technologies to enhance and enrich students’ learning experience.



Several years ago, when I found out that my child was not enjoying history, I asked him why. He replied, “Because it’s BORING!” So I challenged myself to change his mind; I created something for him to learn history in an EASY, INTERESTING and FUN way, GeoHistory Map!

 The idea behind the creation of GeoHistory Map was to present an application that helps students like my son re-live history. I want to help them understand it, to really grasp what happened, and to realize why history is important to them. The goal of GeoHistory Map is to generate interest in students to know more about their history so that they can learn from it. Please join us as we let the knowledge of history shape our future.

Martin Plante

CEO / Owner

MPO Educational Enterprises




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