Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use GHM on a tablet and smartphone?

GHM can be used on a tablet and smart phone. The user has access to all the functionality of the application and only needs internet or data access to use GHM.

Where can I find some examples?

Check out the "Featured Lessons" tab in the app to see some of our favorite lessons created by teachers from around the world.

How do I create a Quiz or a lesson?

In the top bar select Admin then Quiz or Lesson the press on New Quiz or Lesson. Type a name press save then add a question. To add answers just press enter then type in the answer, then press enter, to add another answer press enter. To select the correct answer press on the gears press on correct. 

Can I save my work and come back to it later?

Yes, you can save your work-in-progress as a "draft." Take a break from working on your quiz, lesson, event or map whenever you like. All of your work will be saved, and you can pick up later right where you left off.

GHM Free plan are not able to create, share or save. Upgrade to GHM plan to save unlimited drafts and work on multiple projects at once.

What types of content can I add to my lesson?

Add url links, video or images using the url, text, geographical points, movements, lines, polygon and labels using the GHM plan.

Is there a limit to how many maps, events, lessons or quizzes I can create?

Presently there are no limit.

How do I share lessons with students?

Classes are the only way for teachers and students to share lessons. Teachers can create classes that students can join. Lessons sync automatically between teacher and student, so it's easy for students to access teacher instruction and for teachers to monitor student work. Students can join your class on the website. All they need is your class code.

Why did I receive an email requesting that I confirm my email address?

Email verification has become a standard procedure for most online services, and we think it's a good idea, too. It allows us to make sure you typed your email address correctly when registering, and also lets us verify that you actually own that email account. We hate spam as much as you do, and we want to make sure don't send unwanted email to someone else's inbox.

How do students join a class?

Students can sign up on the website. They will be prompted to enter their teacher's class code during sign up. All students will need a class code to sign up.

Can students create Lessons or Quizzes?

No, students are not able to create Lessons or Quizzes.

Can students create Maps or Events?

Yes, students are able to create Maps or Events.

How does billing work?

GHM plans require an annual subscription. Your subscription will automatically renew each year until you cancel it. Don't worry, we'll email you to remind you about upcoming renewals. If you decide that you don't want to continue your subscription, you can cancel at any time.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For school and district purchases, we accept checks and work with your accounting department on purchase orders. For individual teacher purchases, we accept Visa, and MasterCard.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

We offer a 45 day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee to individual teachers who purchase with a personal credit card. If you decide that GHM isn't for you, just visit your account settings page on our website to cancel your subscription. If you cancel after the 45 day period, you may continue to enjoy your plan until the end of your current subscription period. When your subscription ends, you will not be billed again and your account will be downgraded automatically to the free GHM version plan.

What happens if I downgrade to the free plan?

We strongly recommend not to downgrade because you will lose all your data.

What web browser is compatible with GHM?

All web browser except Internet Explorer. To get the best result possible use Chrome or Safari or Firefox and we recommended that you upgrade to the latest version.

Does GHM work on all tablets, computers and smartphones?

GHM works on all devices that have access to the internet. We recommend to use screen resolution of 1440 x 900 to get the best result.

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