What do you get with Geo History Map?

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Shared knowledge

GHM has 1000's of historical events, maps, educational lessons and activities that students can do at school or at home;

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Create lessons or activities for your students;

With GHM, you can use or modifiy existing, activities, lessons and autocorrected quizzes- or create your own in minutes;

This means no more manual grading; all the results are compiled in the teacher's account  to monitor the results;

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Create events and maps

With GHM, you can create your own quizzes in minutes that are autocorrected. No more having to correct quizzes that you give your students!  All the results are compiled in your account where you can produce different statistics based on the results.

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Cloud sync

GHM is fully cloud based and is optimised to be used in a classroom environment or slow Internet connection.

GHM map can be used on any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone that has the capability to use a browser and can connect to the internet.

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Shared Knowledge

GHM is constantly adding new events, maps, quizzes, lessons and activities. Here is the list of the events presently found on GHM;

Number of Events: 1600

An event can be a pin, line, polygon or a movement on a map that is positioned on a timeline;

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Number of Maps: 100

A map is a group of events that represent an historical period;  It contains a timeline of all the events and a legend;

You can see the events by clicking on the timeline or the pin on the map;

Each historical event can contain an imgage or video, a short description of the of the  event and links to additional ressources;

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Number of Lessons: 12

A lesson is a group of related events located on a map and includes related autocorrected quizzes;

Students can redo any quiz again and again from anywhere;

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Number of Activities : 20

An activity is a partial finished map that needs to be completed and may also contain autocorrected quizzes;

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Create lessons or activities for your students

How to create lessons

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How to use a lesson

Lessons can be used to help students better contextualize and understand how historical events relate to one another;

This allows a student to answer questions with a larger scope;

How to create activities

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How to use an activity

An activity is a partial map that a student can complete, to better understand the context of an historical period;

The quizzes attached to the activity will reinforce their comprehension and their capability to answer larger questions;

Create events and maps

Creating events and maps will complete the students learning process and help to better comprehend: time, space and context of the historical events; 

How to create events

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How to create maps

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Cloud sync

GHM is a cloud based application;  You are not required to download any data on your device. It is accessible from anywhere as long as you have Internet access and a device that works with a browser;

Recommended browsers to use:

- Google Chrome

- Safari

- Mozilla Firefox

- Microsoft Edge

Built for the Digital Classroom

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Share quizzes, lessons, and maps with students in a safe and private classroom environment.

Have students show what they know by creating their own events and maps. This will provide a rich feedback for the students work, and use lessons and quizzes to help them increase their knowledge and understanding.

See how other teachers use GHM. Or share your GHM experience by uploading a short video.