A Modern Tool to Revitalize Old Lessons

Geo History Map was designed to bring history classes around the world out of static textbooks and into an immersive digital experience that has been proven to engage students and foster a better grasp of class content. Today’s kids whether in elementary school, high school, or even college learn better with digital learning experiences; Geo History Map is the simplest cost-effective solution for History classes all across the world.


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Quizzes and Lessons

Create Your Own Maps

Create Your Own Quiz or Lesson

Interactive Maps

Use Quizzes and Lessons to ENGAGE your students and TEST their knowledge.



Use existing events or add your own events with PINS, POLYLINES, POLYGONES or MOVEMENTS to CREATE interactive maps about any geographical or historical subject.


USE EXISTING OR ADD YOUR OWN QUESTIONS to create quizzes or lessons

EXPLORE OUR COLLECTION of 100’s of maps or SEARCH OUR DATABASE OF 1000’s of EVENTS and produce your own map and timeline.

Using GHM, combined with its supporting quizzes and lessons that integrate with the curriculum (see list of regions that we support), the following 21st century skills, competencies, and critical outcomes can be achieved.  Specifically, through structured engagement with GHM, students will be able to:

Develop an understanding of past societies, developments, and events that enable them to interpret and analyse historical and current issues

Analyse how people from diverse groups have interacted and how they have changed over time

Understand the experiences of, and empathize with, people in past societies

Develop historical literacy skills by analysing and interpreting evidence from information sources embedded in GHM

Develop the ability to find, evaluate, and share information through creation of media on digital platforms

Analyse information and create new understandings in the application and construction of new knowledge;

Develop skills to support the shift from a paper-intensive instructional model to a digital one

Acquire key digital learning skills for use in today’s technology-saturated world

Engage in a curriculum compliant, interactive, intuitive programming specifically tailored to meet teaching requirements and student needs across multiple provincial jurisdictions.   

Improve primary and secondary language skill sets using a bilingual platform and resource


 This unique, powerful and interactive application will help students, teachers and the general public learn about history in a fun, engaging way.  

 Play our online Quiz and test your knowledge.

Load our thematic maps and learn about major historical periods.

Search the timeline that includes 1000’s of events to help you find historical facts.